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VHM-events want to inform you that there  from 01-11-2014 adjustments for our shows including the new low. See also "New Animallaw 2014". If you have questons you can mail or phone us.
The Corona virus has been detected in the Netherlands.
As an organization, we of course closely follow the
developments around the Corona virus.
We follow here in the guidelines of the
RIVM and the GGD.
07-07-21 In the link the current rules regarding access to our events 

Despite the fact that the corona epidemic is slowly decreasing, the outlook for Terraria and Exoknaag in July and August is not feasible for various reasons.

In July, not the entire location will be open for events, it is largely still a corona vaccination and test location, and the number of visitors allowed in will certainly not be more than in the last September edition.

In August the entire location is available, but the number of exhibitors and visitors is still limited.

We have spoken to the experts, as it now looks like it will largely be back to normal in September.

We are going to organize Terraria and Exoknaag again on September 19, 2021 in the Expo Hal in Houten (The Netherlands).

06-05-21 Terraria and Exoknaag from 06-06-2021 has been canceled due to Covid - 19. The event will be postponed to 11-07-2021
04-05-21 Terraria Zwolle 17-10-21 has been added. It is expected that events will be allowed again after the summer
26-04-2021 Terraria Gent from 09-05-2021 has been canceled due to Covid - 19. The event will be rescheduled to 10/31/2021
11-03-21 Two new extra dates have been added to the calendar for Terraria and Exoknaag 11-07-21 and 08-08-21. Hoping it can be done again and the corona is on its way back.
10-03-21 Terraria and Exoknaag from 04-04-2021 has been canceled due to Covid - 19. The event will be postponed to 06-06-2021
17-01-21 Unfortunately, our organization was informed today that Terraria Hasselt on 07-02-2021 in Belgium is not allowed to proceed due to the Covid 19 rules. We assume that the autumn edition will take place.
15-01-21 Terraria and Exoknaag from 14-02-2021 has been canceled due to Covid - 19. The event will be postponed to 04-04-2021
18-11-20 Terraria en Exoknaag has been canceled due to Covid - 19. The event will be postponed to 02/14/2021
05-11-20 Due to the absence of the NKV this edit due to Covis-19 there will be no Exoknaag in December. Terraria will continue for the time being.
23-10-20 Terraria Gent of November 15 has been canceled due to corona. With Ghent, we are going to focus on 2021 in the hope that the virus is under control. Exhibitors will be informed by email.
30-09-20 We have been informed by the IJsselhallen that they are canceling our upcoming Terraria event on October 18.
The management of the IJsselhallen have made this decision in connection with the tightening of the corona measures and the fact that they are going to stop with this location.
The management of the IJsselhallen does not see any possibilities to organize this edition of our event.
One of the main reasons is that they no longer have staff at this location, most of them have been made redundant and some have been transferred to another location.
For this year they think that the costs are too high for them to deploy staff for events in the IJsselhallen.




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