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We also have our own ticketservice and an international event calendar
VHM-events want to inform you that there  from 01-11-2014 adjustments for our shows including the new low. See also "New Animallaw 2014". If you have questons you can mail or phone us.
The Corona virus has been detected in the Netherlands.
As an organization, we of course closely follow the
developments around the Corona virus.
We follow here in the guidelines of the
RIVM and the GGD.


01-02-23 rovisional list of participants Hasselt Belgium 05-02-2023 
21-11-22 UPDATE 2 Participants and layout Terraria and Exorodent Houten 27-11-2022 online Click the link
21-11-22 Construction times for Houten 27-11-2022 are online. Click the link
17-11-22 UPDATE Participants and layout Terraria and Exorodent Houten 27-11-2022 online Click the link
04-11-22 Provisional list of participants Hasselt Belgium 06-11-2022 
18-10-22  List of participants Terraria Gent 23-10-2022 online.
20-08-22  UPDATE Participants and layout Terraria and Exorodent Houten 28-08-2022 online Click the link23-10-22
15-08-22 Construction times for Houten 28-08-2022 are online. Click the link
12-08-22 The presale tickets are online again https://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/284445 (on the day itself you can get the tickets at the box office) 
11-08-22 Dates Terraria Gent 2023 are online. https://www.vhm-events.com/index.php/nl/terraria-2023  
09-08-22 Dates Terraria Hasselt 2023 are online. https://www.vhm-events.com/index.php/nl/terraria-2023  
29-05-22 Construction times for Houten 05-06-2022 are online. Click the link09-08-22
27-05-22 Participants and layout Terraria Houten 05-06-2022 online Click the link
24-05-22 The tickets for 05-06-2022 Terraria Houten are online at ticketmaster    https://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/282153 
07-04-22 Participants and layout Terraria and Exoknaag Houten 17-04-2022 online Click the link
07-04-22 Construction times for outen 17-04-2022 are online. Click the link
27-03-22 List of participants Terraria Gent 27-03-2022 online.
26-02-22 UPDATE Participants and layout Terraia Houten 27-02-2022 online Click the link


As a BUSINESS exhibitor, you must be competent to trade animals. Read further on what this means. There is also an obligation to provide a paper version to the customer of the animal sold (digital is not described in the law)

20-02-22 Participants and layout Terraia Houten 27-02-2022 online Click the link
17-02-22 Construction times for outen 27-02-2022 are online. Click the link
16-02-22 No more restrictions (restrictions) for Terraria Houten on 27-02-2022 
08-02-22 Provisional list of participants Hasselt Belgium 13-02-2022
Terraria 27-02-2022 continues.
In recent weeks we have been getting the question more and more whether Terraria will continue on February 27, 2022. Had a meeting today and YES this edition will continue and will be similar to the last December edition. Unfortunately, some restrictions, but we can just organize within these restrictions. If you have any doubts about registering, do not hesitate to register via the reservation form on the vhm-events.com .



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