Deviant rules for Belgium

Apart from the vhm-events regulations, supplemental rules and regulations apply to the exhibition of and trade in animals in Belgium.

These rules need to be followed strictly because an inspection can lead to fines and sanctions by the Belgian government for the owner/seller of the animals.

The healthstatement is not necessary yet for Belgian exhibitors

For the legislation of the general rules for exhibitions and trade in animals, click here

Animals that are on the positive list cannot be sold. Positive list  click here

Terrarium animals do not yet appear on the positive list. Terrarium animals can be sold according to the general rules . Of course international rules, like CITES do apply. I advise you to check the goverments ' site on a regular basis. New positive lists are being drawn.

Website government with more information  click here

Upon entering an event in Belgium, you are supposed to know the legislation or to have taken knowledge of the legislation in Belgium (see elsewhere on this site)



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