Terms exemption exhibition embargo

We received questions from several clubs as to which conditions an exhibition must meet to be exempt from the exhibition embargo. The exemption must be applied with the Food- and Goods authority (VWA) (this is done by the organisation). The conditions can be changed at any given time, but for the moment the following conditions are used for the risk assessment:

At the exhibition only poultry, walking birds or postal pigeons are allowed if they are accompanied by a completely filled in and signed statement of vaccination against pseudo-fowl pest (NCD) as mentioned in article 45, paragraph two of the rule for prevention, combatting and monitoring of contageaous animal diseases and TSE's. This statement must prove that the poultry and walking birds of the keeper, provided that the animals are older than 30 days, have been vaccinated properly against pseudo-fowl pest at least 2 weeks and at the very most 5 months before the start of the exhibition.

As mentioned in article 46, paragraph two, section b of the rule for prevention, combatting and monitoring of contageous animal deseases and TSE's and as mentioned in article 4b, paragraph four, section a of the Temporary Rule for the prevention of Aviaire Influenza II, the person who wants to organize an inspection or exhibition with poultry, walking birds or postal pigeons, is obligated to have the animals examined before allowing them to the exhibition. This examination is at the organisers' expense and must be carried out by one or more veterinaries, which he choses under supervision of the regional manager of the VWA. Birds are only admitted to the event if they originate from the Netherlands.

Birds are only admitted if the owner hands over a statement in which he declares that the birds in question have had no contact with wild birds or their excrements during the last 30 days. The veterinaries which are present at the event report to the regional manager VWA  whether everything proceeded according to the rules mentioned above. The exemption can be withdrawn if the stated conditions and regulations are not met or for veterinary reasons.



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