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In the following text you will read some changes about fairs/events.

Since January 1st 2013 the new animal law is discussed. Some rules, regarding animal fairs and events, have changed. Animals who come together in large numbers as on events need a health statement per November 1st. This statement needs to be signed by an authorized veterinarian. You need to give the completed health statement to the organisation before entering the exhibition. All ehibitors who sell animals need a proof of competence.

Authorized person signing health statement
Only a graduaded veterinarian is authorized to sign the health statement.

 of competence 
To sell animals you need a proof of competence. You need to have a diploma in animal husbandry, a veterinary nurse or veterinarian. Upcoming year, a training or exemption for the training will be developed by different schools. Everyone who started an animal business before July 1st in 2014 is qualified by law till 2020.

Not many rules have been changed in relation to the rules of previous years. The biggest change is that all regulations of the different species are now in one uniform file. You only need to read the regulations regarding the specie you own or sell.

In general 
Because we as organizer need to develop at all times and because we are mandatory to follow the law, the regulations have been changed. For more information about the new animal law, click at the link below. (The link is in Dutch only). 

New animal law (only Dutch): 

New regulation for animals from 01-11-2014 

Additional regulations for only supplies, spiders and insects from 01-11-2014 

 Adaptation regulations relating to salamanders (EU directive) These animals may not be offered, sold, exchanged or otherwise, within our events. For more information click the link below. 

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